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About This Survey

Author: tristannbby5683
Created: August 10, 2009
Taken: 153 times
Rated: PG

You're everything i ask for, and so much more!<3

Created by tristannbby5683 and taken 153 times on Bzoink
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I actually mean the title. <3
Do you have a favorite band?
Ever met someone who took your breath away just by saying hey?
Ever been in love?
Where is the person you like right now?
When you have a crush on someone do you keep it a secret?
Are you mostly faithful in your relationships?
What's your favorite thing in your fridge right now?
Can you dance?
Do you own a vaccum?
Would you ride a cow if you had the chance?
Ever been to the club?
What's your favorite number?
Who's party did you last go to?
Do you have green eyes?
Press the shift key five times, what happened?
Ever seen a burning building in person?
Can you do the shuffle?
What year was it when you were ten?
Last song you listened to, rate it from 1-10. :)
Was it country? If not, what was it?
I just did two questions in one. But if i would've done them seperately;
Some people would be smart asses about it. And it pisses me off. :)
Main person you dislike at this moment?
How do you feel about our black president. <3
I think it's pretty cool. Which is weird, most of my friends know why. :O
Are you afriad of thunder?
How about lightning?
That's such a weird word to spell O.o
Does it bother you when people don't know how to spell correctly?
That's my biggest pet peeve. Ha, i'm a hypocrite. D:
Do you know what hypoxia means?
I sure don't.
Are you yourself around most?
What would your family say about you, and your personality?
Would they be right about that?
What would your closest friend say about you, and your personality?
Would he/she be right?
Most recent ex;
What was his name?
Do you remember the reson why the relationship ended?
Would you take them back?
No more ex talk!:)
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now?
When was the last time you were being mean to someone?
Who was it?
How do you feel about the rain?
The rain is my most favorite thing in the world to me!:)
Ever kissed in it?
Why do people think that's very coool?
I think it's cool cause it's 3 of my favorite things simultaneously.(:
1. rain, 2. stewart, 3. kissing stewart!:)
What makes you saddest?
Do you enjoy taking surveys?
Is the first survey you've tooken that's mine?
I say first, cause it shouldn't be your last!:)
Are you paranoid?
Paranoia;; My 24/7 mood.
How often do you listen to music?
How do you find out about new music, bands, songs?
Tell me something no one really knows. (that's not a secret obviouslyy)
Biggest pet peeve?
Favorite memory was whenn....
Do you have a sister?
How do you feel about only childs?
Is your family and yourself well off?(wealthy, rich, what have you)
Do you concider yourself good looking?
Are you more beautiful inside or out?
Do you keep up with your profile views?
Do you have a bzoink?
I hope you weren't a smart ass in that question.
Causse if you were, you're pretty damn ignorant.
Do you tend to fall for people easy?
The first time you were in love;
Did you fall fast?
Did you expect it?
Did it ever fade?
Are you ashamed of it?(your first love)
Who was it with?
Did they ever know?
Sorry if you've never been in love, that must've been annoying. lol
Do you like country?
Did you ever watch american idol?
Do you watch tv more than you listen to music?
Are you afraid of the dentist, or doctor?
How about cops?
They scare the living crap out of me!
Who's someone you wish you could see again?
What would you tell them?
For me, it'd be my 5th grade teacher. I'd tell him how he was my idol. :)
I bet i've asked questions twice, i'm sorry.
What time is it?
Ever smoked? (anything)
Something you've given up on.
How was first grade for you?
Who was your favorite teacher so far?
Ever been to a carnival or fair?
What's the difference? (between fairs and carnivals)
What do you believe in?(religion wise)
Do you know anyone who got married at an early age, and actually succeeded?
My boyfriend's parents did. :)
Last time you had McDonalds?
How's my survey so far
Have i told you my name?
Well it's Denise:) and i'm friendlyy!:)
Who will you never ever forget?
Mr. Mendoza and Stewart Christopher Miller, for me!:)
Are you allowed to date?(by your parents?)
What was your last kiss like?
What is something you never expected to happen?
Has anything incredible happen this month?
How many times have you done a survey today?
I think it'll end here, but first, what's your name?