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Author: tristannbby5683
Created: August 10, 2009
Taken: 43 times
Rated: G

Did you ever stop and wonder how you made me feel?

Created by tristannbby5683 and taken 43 times on Bzoink
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Hello!:) My name is Denise!
Do you own a cell phone?
I do,(: It's purple!
Do you like country music?
Have you ever danced privately for someone?
Was the last party you attended fun?
Ever been drunk?
I haven't! I'm too scared to!
How about highh?
What color is your mom's car?
Would you mind taking care of a llama for a whole week?
Do you know anyone allergic to peanuts?
Sorry if i misspell anything, i'm not having a good spelling day. :/
Have you ever played seven minutes in heaven?
Are you way past your bedtime?
Do you even have one?
What is the dumbest thing you've ever gotten in trouble for?
Do you think you'd be a good teacher?
When you were little what did you wanna be?
What's something that you've never told anyone, but isn't really a secret?
Do you own anything plaid?
I only have three shirts. :/
How do you feel about the world goign green?
I don't really know much about it?
Good Morning!:) I am a female.
Are you?
Have you seen any of these past questions on surveys alot?
If so, i appologise. Damn! I have no clue how to spell that!D:
Do you like it when people spell well?
I try to!:)
What's the best drink you've ever had? (non, or alcoholic)
Who's the best cook in your family?
What's your favorite type of cookie?
Who's your best friend?
Do they have a job?
Have you ever liked anyone for more than two years?
I have. right now.(:
Has something you said on a survey ever got you in trouble?
Ughh, i've said alot on these.. D:
Do you enjoy drama?
Has anyone ever called you slow that was slow themself?
What is the easiest way to piss you off?
How about turn you on? ;) haha
How would you feel if your children turn out to be just like you?
I wouldn't mind actually. I'm not a bad girl. ;) haha
Last time you took a nap?
Last time you wanted to?
Do you know anyone named Holly?
I only know one. She's a cheerleader.
Are you a cheerleader?
Have you ever been?
Ever wanted to be one?
About how many hours a day do you spend online?
When someone lies to you repeadedly, what do you do?
Have you ever met anyone who annoyed you just by looking at them?
I have. Ariana Holmes.
What's your last name?
Mine can be a first name too. It's Tristan.
Ever dated anyone of a different race?
Let's make this one short, shall we? :)