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About This Survey

Author: catthebeatnik
Created: August 9, 2009
Taken: 253 times
Rated: PG

A Survey About Your Significant Other

Created by catthebeatnik and taken 253 times on Bzoink
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Starting Things Off
What is your name?
What is your significant other's name?
Do you know anyone else with the same name?
How old are you?
How old is your significant other?
Do you mind the age difference?
Do you live near each other or is it a long distance relationship?
The Beginnings
Where did you meet?
Did you ask out your significant other or vice versa?
Describe how that happened.
Where did your first kiss take place?
Was it awkward?
How long was it before someone said "I love you?
How long was it before you had sex?
Was it awkward?
The Future
Is it true love?
Do you see yourself growing old with her/him?
Will you get married?
Move away together?
Have children?
Is this your longest relationship so far?
The Good Stuff
What was one of the best presents your significant other gave you?
How about a present you gave them?
What was one of your favourite nights together?
What is your favourite place to go together?
Do you have a song?
How about petnames?
How about an actual pet together?
The Not-So-Good Stuff
Has s/he ever cheated on you?
Have you ever cheated on her/him?
Have you ever wondered if they were cheating?
What was your worst fight about?
Do you think you've fully recovered from it?
Have you ever broken up or wanted to?
Does your significant other do something that drives you crazy?
Do you do something that drives your SO crazy?
A Few More Questions
Are your parents happy with your relationship?
What about your friends?
How many relationships did you have before this one?
Do you find yourself comparing your SO to previous ones?
If you could go on a romantic vacation right now, where would you go?
Do other people flirt with your boy/girlfriend?
Does it bother you or flatter you, if so?
Is your significant other a nerd?
If so, does s/he talk nerdy to you? ;)
Are you happy with things as of this exact second?
Does the future look bright?
Say something to your significant other right now