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Author: shamegmeg
Created: August 9, 2009
Taken: 193 times
Rated: PG

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Keep Me Hanging On, So Contagiously.

Created by shamegmeg and taken 193 times on Bzoink
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Do you know what song the title is from?
What have you done so far today?
Are your nails painted any colors right now?
Do you think kittens are cute?
Have you ever submitted a story to fmylife.com?
What color are the sheets on your bed?
What's your favorite room in the place you're in?
Is there someone you wish to call your boyfriend/girlfriend right now?
Garlic knots or garlic bread?
What messenger services do you own? (AIM, MSN, Yahoo.... etc.)
Are you signed into any of those accounts right now?
Name someone you know who has dyed their hair.
What job could you never see yourself doing?
How weight conscious are you?
Have you ever shot a gun?
Do you like the smell of Sharpie markers?
What's your favorite eye color?
Rent a movie or go see one in theaters?
Is there anyone else with you right now?
Do you recycle?
What's your biggest physical turn off for a potential partner?
What's the biggest personality trait turn off for a potential partner?
Would you consider yourself a hopeless romantic?
Chocolate or vanilla?
What color is the shirt you're wearing?
How many times have your changed your clothes today?
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?!
What's the closest blue object to you?
When's the last time you washed your hands?
Have you ever been accused of cheating?
How about having an eating disorder?
Would you ever go on a birth control pill?
Do you know how to do your own laundry?
Is your bed made?
When's the last time you slept out?
Where's your cell phone?
Do you get decent reception where you are right now?
Uggs or crocs?
Are you wearing any body sprays/perfumes/colognes?
Do you know how to fix anything?
Do you know who William Beckett is?
Who was the last person you drove in a car with?
Have you ever taken a train?
How about a subway?
What's the capital of Florida?
Does your keyboard need cleaning?
iPod or Zune?
Do you know anyone outside of your country?
Are you in love with anyone right now?