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Author: bubbles13
Created: August 9, 2009
Taken: 143 times
Rated: G

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Yes i eated your freakin cookie, get over it.

Created by bubbles13 and taken 143 times on Bzoink
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Are you texting anyone at the moment?
Do you wear sunglasses?
When do you start school?
Are you currently happy with your body image?
What are you listening to?
Do you watch big brother?
If you could go on one reality show, What would you choose?
Favorite kind of music?
Do you like the band Family Force 5?
Where did your last bruise come from?
How many percings do you have?
What do you currently smell?
Do like hollister?
Whats your favorite engery drink?
Who was your last kiss?
Do you edit your photos?
Do you have any pimples?
Are you hungry?