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Author: angielove
Created: August 9, 2009
Taken: 197 times
Rated: G

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how do i get better, once i've had the best?

Created by angielove and taken 197 times on Bzoink
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do you own a camera?
what deoderant do you use?
what is your opinion on katy perry?
have you ever rejected someone? who? why?
last book you read?
what perfume do you wear on a regular basis?
pop or country?
are your nails painted?
do you hate when people spell things wrong?
nearest thing to you that is homemade?
do you use lotion?
what does you hair look like right now?
what phone service do you use, if any? (verizon, merto PCS, etc...)
are you excited for school?
do you text during school?
what is your opinion on the whole chris brown/rihanna scenario?
who is your favorite person on youtube?
what does your jewlery box look like? if you don't have one, why?
do you take any medication on a daily basis?
do you play an instrument?
what grade are you in?
ever failed a grade?
do you blow dry your hair every day?
do you need to make your bed?
do you get distracted easily?
do you like three days grace?
last thing that would go through your mind if your plane was crashing?
have you ever created a survey?
do you need to clip your toe nails?
have you ever gotten high?
do you read manga? if so, whats your favorite?
opinion on twilight movies?
what is the smiley you use most often?
do you have a dog?
opinion on some asians eating dogs?
do you hate any words?
last time you got goosebumps?
farthest you've ever walked?
do you love fmylife.com?
what are the ink cartridge numbers on your printer?
do you use aqua net?
do you shop at hollister?
last thing you used stencils for?
if you have a pencial case, what does it look like?