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Author: melissa526
Created: August 9, 2009
Taken: 807 times
Rated: G

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You never know how strong you are, untill being strong is the only choice you have

Created by melissa526 and taken 807 times on Bzoink
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what was the last song you heard?
what did you do today?
are you a malee or a femalee?
do you own a mp3 player/ipod?
are you on a computer or a laptop, or niether?
what time is it?
do you think animals should be abused?
where do you live?
do you like mashed potatoes?
what is your favorite tv channel?
when was the last time you hung out with your friend(s)?
how do you feel at the moment?
what do you hear?
has school started yet?
what is your favorite color(s)?
what color are the walls in the room you are in right now?
have you ever killed anyone?
are you talking to anyone at all?
what color shirt are you wearing?
what is your hair color?
do you have a big family, or a small family?
how many siblings?
your eye colors are..
i like coke, do you?
what is the date today?
where are you at the moment?
what is your dating status?
do you like itt?
do you have a cellphone?
are you going to bed right now?
do you love jesus christ?
do you believe in yourself?
what about santa claus?
do you have any pets?
whats ur name? if i asked, my bad. if not, what is it?
who is your favorite football team?
how old are you?
are you sick at the moment?
what grade are you in?
how does your hair look right now?
do you wear make-up?
do you like flowers?
are you allergic to anything?
are you scared of bugs?
do you like cold or hot weather better?
whats your middle name?
do you take pills?
what did you last eat?
who did you last talk to?
who is your bestest bestest friend?
do you think your too fat, fat, skinny, or too skinny?
are you a grandparent?
do you cook your own dinners or go out to eat more?
do you watch wizards of waverly place?
question mistake; new one: do you drink water? hah, that's a lame one.
what is your worst fear?
are you scared of heights?
do you have a myspace or a facebook...or both?
which one do you get on more, if you have both?
are you happy with your life?