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Author: xliindssx3
Created: August 7, 2009
Taken: 180 times
Rated: G

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& yes i've dreamt of you too . . .

Created by xliindssx3 and taken 180 times on Bzoink
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what was the last tv show you watched ?
what are you wearing right now ?
who is the last person you shook hands with ?
how many pairs of soffes do you own ?
what was your favorite show when you were younger ?
which bands have you seen in concert ?
can you ride a bicycle ?
what is your favorite flavor jolly rancher ?
what are the four stores you shop at most ?
do you have a dog ? what is his/her name ?
who is your favorite ninja turtle ?
look out your window. what do you see ?
when is your birthday ?
what is your favorite baseball team ?
did you ever watch the disney channel ? do you still ?
what is one of your favorite song lyrics ?
what time is it ?
what is your favorite soda ?
what color are your nails painted ?
how many trophies do you have ?
which hand do you write with ?
what is your favorite cheesy pickup line ?
how do you make your smileys ?
what do your favorite pair of jeans look like ?
what kind of computer are you typing this on ?
what are your aunts' names ?
who is your best friend[s] ?
what electives do you take in school ?
what color hair does the person you last kissed have ?
what is your favorite day of the week ?
have you ever had braces ?
how many lamps are in the room you are in ?
which ice cream place is your favorite ?
what about your favorite fast food place ?
how many times a month to you go to the mall ?
who is your favorite friend to go to the mall with ?
what is the last movie you saw in theaters ?
do you enjoy going to hot topic ?
which theme parks have you been to ?
what is the last cd you listened to ?
do you buy birthday cards for people, or just tell them ?
are you saving up for anything right now ?
what piece of jewelry to you wear every day ?
coke or pepsi ?
let's end with your favorite quote - -