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Author: krip181218
Created: August 7, 2009
Taken: 71 times
Rated: G

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**Current thoughts, mood and feelings*

Created by krip181218 and taken 71 times on Bzoink
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How are you feeling right now?
Why are you feeling the way you do?
How is life going right now?
Do you want to change anything?
Do you miss anything?
What are your thoughts on your life?
When was the last time you cried?
What mood are you in?
What put you in that mood?
Why are you letting yourself be in this mood?
Can anybody help you break this mood?
Do you wish you were somewhere else?
Do you enjoy where you are at today?
Do you do anything lately that helps you?
Are you a good or bad person?
What makes you this type of person?
Do you you wish you were the exact opposite oh who you are today?
Do you share your feelings with anyone?
Who do you share your thoughts with the most?
Who do you feel comfortable venting to?
If you could change one thing right now what would it be?
Do you plan on doing anything about changing your mood if it's bad?
What makes you the happiest?
Who makes you the happiest?
Would you ever just leave and never come back?
If you left what would you miss?
Do you consider yourself lucky?
If you could say a few things to someone right now who would it be?
Do people judge you?
What memory do you miss most in life???
Finally, what are your future plans?