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Author: elliot-89
Created: August 6, 2009
Taken: 192 times
Rated: G

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Random survey to pass the time

Created by elliot-89 and taken 192 times on Bzoink
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The basic question..What is your name?
Are you happy with the person you are?
Are you an emotional person?
How much make-up do you wear everyday?
How many songs are on your i-pod?
At what age did you learn to ride a bike?
How did your last kiss happen?
What member of the opposite bed did you last share a bed with?
What are you wearing?
Has anyone in your family ever been disowned?
Have you ever been punched?
Can you do the splits?
How many messages are in your inbox?
Who was the last person to speak to you on the phone?
Was your last kiss a mistake?
Do you eat peas?
Whats something you do to annoy your siblings?
Do you go looking for arguments?
Isnt it fun to annoy people when you're bored?
Do you drink beer at least once a week?
How many people do you know that have been to jail?
Do you know anyone who is currently in jail?
What is bothering you right now?
Whats the last movie you saw at the movies?
Does summer mean to beach to you?
Are you a ranga?
Have you ever caught a fish?
Ever stolen an animal?
Whats the closest red thing to you?
What always makes you laugh?
Does the person you like know you like them?
What is your middle name?
How old is the oldest person you've kissed?
How old is the last person you kissed?
Would you ever buy a yellow car?
How many job interviews have you been to?
Would you consider yourself smart?
What should you be doing right now?
Do you know a woman that looks like a man?
Have you ever given out your cell number and then later regretted it?
What is the last book you read?
Did you use cliff notes in high school?
How many words can you type per minute?
When is the last time you were at the hospital?
How many people do you tell everything to?
Do you lead guys on?
Have you ever been chased by a cow?
Who do you work for?
Do you do volunteer work?
How many tabs are opened on your screen?
Last concert you went to?
Did you always fight with your teachers?
Ever been under house arresst?
Do you take your camera everywhere?
How many letters in your full name?
What is your best friends full name?
Do you sleep on your back side or tummy?
What size are the pants you are wearing?
Last thing you bought?
Do you have posters in your room?
Does your house have an alarm?
Ever hit your thumb with a hammer?
Ever made a snow angel?
Come again?
Whats the best thing to say when you dont know what to say?
Is your room clean?
How many showers are in your house?
Ever lived away from home?
Whens the last time you had a bath?
Do you like whiskey?
Last thing you drank?
Can you play the piano?
What do you taste in your mouth?
Do you find the opposite sex confusing?