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Author: redorka
Created: August 5, 2009
Taken: 9 times
Rated: PG

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who pissed in your cheerios?

Created by redorka and taken 9 times on Bzoink
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how's your day?
why are you taking this survey?
who was your first boyfriend?
do you regret that kid?
do you like any sports? if so what are they?
are you sexually active?
if you are, do you go bare or use protection?
what's your favorite radio station(s)?
what's your favorite movie(s)?
have you seen superbad?
did you like it?
your favorite part?
how young are you?
would you rather eat tacos or fish right now?
what type of guys/girls are you into?
do you do palaties?
were you ever in a speling bee?
which was better (if you've been to both) high school or middle school?
cats or dogs?
paper or plastic?
candles or flashlights?
phone or computer?
mansion for a a month or condo for the rest of your life?
baseball or football?
were you confirmed?
have you been having hard times in your family?
what's your dream car?
favorite chips?
have you moved in your life? if so how many times?
myspace, facebook, or twitter?
spongebob or timmy turner?
BMX or skate?
what would you do if you found 100 dollars in your pocket?
ever had phone sex?
was it a fun or horrible experince?
when did you stop playing with your favorite childhood toys?
are you a jealous person?
what's your mood?
can you pop lock and drop it?
what about walk it out?
cupid shuffle?
how much cash money is on you?
do you watch yo mama?
are you excited about the new halloween 2?
well I am :]
what movies do you want to see?
what's your favorite youtube video?
do you have good relations with your folks?
do you think jonah hill is funny?
favorite t.v show?
do you take bullshit from anyone?
be honest.....
are you co-dependent?
I bet you have plans tomorrow?
who'd you makeout with last?
what kind of shoes do you have?
what is your favorite band?
favorite song at the moment?
have you heard of LMFAO?
what college do you plan on going to?
do you live life at the moment?
what do you belive is your lucky number?
do you like cookies?
are you sleepy?
how many more years til you graduate highscool/ college?
you know this survey is over?
define the sexual position 69.