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Author: fakecoloredcontacts
Created: August 5, 2009
Taken: 70 times
Rated: G

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When the world comes crashing down who's ready to party?

Created by fakecoloredcontacts and taken 70 times on Bzoink
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What all did you do today?
Who was your last hug from?
What was the last thing you had to drink?
How clean is your room?
BAM!! You're preggo, its a girl, what's her name?
How many times have you kissed the last person you text?
What is your favorite song at the moment?
Who are you best friends?
When was the last time you saw your father?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What country would you like to visit?
Are you single or taken?
What happens to be your favorite color?
Your #1 and #6 decide to "get together", good or bad?
What is your favorite food?
Where is the person who has your heart?
Are you currently keeping any secrets?
Your mom dies, how do you react?
What cell phone do you have?
How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
Anything exciting coming up?
When was the last time you saw your number 3?
Are you a very emotional person?
What is your favorite movie of all times?
The world is going to blow up in one week, what do you do?
Who was your last kiss?
Do you like waffles?
When was the last time you showered?
Who was the last person you hung out with?
Who do you go to for advice?