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Author: xflirtykaosx
Created: August 5, 2009
Taken: 103 times
Rated: PG

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Vice & Virtue - PartOne

Created by xflirtykaosx and taken 103 times on Bzoink
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:: Lust ::
I would rather have sex than food.
I am never truly satisfied.
I have or want sex 3 times a week or more.
If my partner didn't want to have sex for 6 months, I'd leave them.
I see nothing wrong with one night stands.
I look and attractive people everywhere. Shops, swimming pool, work...?
Orgasms are the best feeling in the world.
People go on about diseases and pregnancy too much.
In fact - I believe they go over the top. It rarely happens!
I have a sexual fantasy that if I told others they'd find it weird.
I have a sexual fantasy that if I told others they would be horrified.
I have one or more fetish.
I get turned on by the idea of whips and chains and other such things.
I have had more than 5 sexual partners in a year.
I have had sex with over 5 people in one month.
:: Chastity ::
I think sex is sacred.
I am/have waited til marriage for sex.
Sex is for reproduction NOT for pleasure.
When I am in a relationship I look at no other person like that.
I would rather watch a movie with good friends than play with my partner.
Money isn't the route of all evil, sex is.
I don't see why it's appropriate to wear revealing clothing.
Sex should be between two people, not three, four or more.
I think sex is overrated.
I would never let my partner take naked photos or videos of me.
My parents bought me up to not have sex below my countries legal age.
I would never have sex with someone much older or younger than me.
Some woman/men give us clean ones a bad name.
Men think we mean yes when we mean no because they expect we want it really
Sex is the least important thing in a relationship.
Results ::
How many lusts -
How many chastitys -
:: Gluttony ::
I love watching cooking shows.
I would rather go out to a gourmet restaurant than visit friends.
I don't see the problem with a little self indulgence.
I smoke - but I really can't quit.
I drink at least 2 times a week.
I have more than recommended alcohol intake most times I drink.
I am told I have no control and am impulsive.
Chocolate Cake when your on a diet. Can't resist.
Others tell me I overspend - but I don't think I do.
There's nothing wrong in buying myself $200 jeans.
I know there are homeless people but, I need this sandwich more!
I am afraid I will become obese.
I have been told my eating or drinking habits are bad for my health.
I am in debt to over buying.
I own more than one car.
A little more wont hurt, right?
:: Temperance aka Self Control ::
I eat enough, but not too much.
I can take rich food, or leave it.
I don't drink alcohol.
I drink alcohol, but little to moderately.
Most things are acceptable in moderation.
I do not have any health problems to do with weight.
I feel I control my life.
I am not addicted to any substance.
I am often the sober or sensible one in my circle of friends.
Drinking too much doesn't appeal to me.
I fear losing control, so I learn what I can control and what I can't.
I was always a sensible child.
I can watch tv and then get on with work. I don't need TV.
When I go shopping I stick to what I know I need and rarely deviate from ht
I can happily windowshop. There's no point buying something I'll never use?
I like things naughty, but nice.
:: Results ::
Total Gluttony -
Total Temperance -
:: Greed ::
Whats yours is mine what's mine is my own.
I don't need to share.
Homeless people ruin it for themselves.
If I am the boss, I choose who gets the money.
My parents said I wouldn't share as a child.
As a teenager, I wanted my friends to just hang with me,
My partner should only hang around me not his friends.
I don't want to share my wealth - others are unworthy.
I don't owe anyone anything.
Finders keepers, losers weepers.
The above is a favourite motto of yours.
You cannot be guilt tripped into charity.
You refuse to give money to charity.
Charity starts at home is another phrase you love.
I made me who I am. I keep what I make.
As a child, I refused to share candy with friends.
:: Charity ::
I like giving to others.
I think others are worthy of my time and money.
I would give money or even help build a school in a third world country.
I can't stand people who wont share.
I give money and or food to the homeless.
If I have a candy and my little cousin wants it, I'll give her it.
I will give my nephew a bit of money to get an icecream.
If my family is in debt, I will give or lend as much as I can.
Giving is as good as receiving - a motto of yours.
Helping others helps yourself.
Money is the route of all evil.
I wouldn't keep all the money to myself if I won the lottery.
I don't understand why materialistic things matter so much.
If a close friend needs a bit of cash, I'll lend it.
I wont wait an hour to get a penny back from a shop assistant.
You can never give enough - right?
:: Result ::
Total Greed -
Total Charity -
:: Sloth ::
Why bother.
I eat. I drink. I sleep. That's it.
I can't stand work.
I've never had a job.
I left school before graduating.
Who needs education.
I think earning a living is overrated.
Mum'll do it was a phrase you used often as a kid.
I can't be bothered is your most used phrase.
In a minute, is the second most used phrase.
My friends all work, but I don't.
I'm Wicked and I'm Lazy would be your theme tune.
It's not that I don't care it's just I don't care enough.
TV is my God. My favourite intention.
I never cook. Someone else can do it!
I sleep more than I am awake.
:: Diligence aka Effort ::
I care about the world.
I did chores as a kid.
I want to make something of my life.
Education is the key to success.
I did my personal best in school.
I have / am still / going to college.
I may even go to uni.
I have a career plan - I want to be a ____.
My family are proud of my achievements so are my friends.
I've had one or more serious jobs.
I clean up after myself.
TV can take it or leave it. Odd good shows here and there...
If something needs to get done right you have to do it yourself.
You were never a school bully.
You exercise properly at least once a week.
You don't mind doing some housework.
:: Results ::
Total Sloth -
Total Diligence -
End of Part One.
Which one do you have the most so far?
Which one do you have the least so far?
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See you in PartTwo.