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About This Survey

Author: one-of-a-kind
Created: August 4, 2009
Taken: 177 times
Rated: G

Music Survey (Long)

Created by one-of-a-kind and taken 177 times on Bzoink
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What is your favorite type of music?
What are your top 10 favorite bands?
Who is your favorite male vocalist?
Who is your favorite female vocalist?
Who is your favorite guitarist?
Who is your favorite bassist?
Who is your favorite drummer?
Who is your favorite keyboardist?
How many songs are on your music player/ipod/etc?
Do you listen to the same music as your friends?
Do you listen to the same music as your parents?
What is your theme song?
What is your favorite song?
What are your favorite lyrics?
Does your music taste change with whatever is popular?
~This or That~
Rap or Rock?
Alternative or Country?
Michael Jackson or Prince?
Neil Diamond or Barry Manilow?
Classic Rock or Psychadelic?
Nsync or The Backstreet Boys?
Ipod or Iphone?
Ear Buds or Headphones?
Base or Guitar?
Aerosmith or Guns 'n' Roses?
Pop or Oldies?
Quiet, mellow music or loud in-your-face music?
Metal or Screamo?
Punk or Emo?
~Music in your Life~
Does music make reflect your style?
Does music make you, you?
Do you play an instrument?
If so, for how long have you played?
Do you think when you're older, your music taste will change?
Do you think the culture right now has made an impact on your music taste?
Have you always liked the same music?
On a scale of 1-10, how important is music to you?
Does anyone in the music industry inspire you?
Do you lose respect for music artists who don't write their own lyrics?
Do you have a band/artist that you know absolutely everything about?
Do you belong to any fan clubs for your favorite bands?
Do you listen to music when you work-out?
Do you listen to music when you're studying?
~Music SHUFFLE Time~ (Put your music player on shuffle and answer with song
What song should've played when you born?
What song should've played for your first day of school?
What song should've played when you made your first friend?
What song should they have played for your first kiss?
What song describes your childhood?
What song should they play at your funeral?
Your best friend and your's song?
~Your Life Soundtrack! Keep on Shuffling~
Your first birthday:
Your Waking up scene:
Your getting ready song:
Your first crush song:
Your future song:
Do you like techno?
Do you like classical?
When do you absolutely need music?
Are you addicted to music?
What song reminds you of your ex?
What song makes you cry?
What song makes you laugh?
What band do you absolutely hate and cannot stand?
Have you picked out a wedding song yet? If so, what is it?
Have you ever written a song?
Has anyone ever written you a song?
What is the weirdest song you can think of?
What is your favorite song about politics/anti-war/peace/etc?
What is your favorite song about depression?
What is your favorite song to dance to?
Your favorite song about suicide?
Your favorite song about drugs or against drugs?
What song describes your mood right now?
What is your favorite radio station?
Have any autographed cds or whatnot?
How many band t-shirts do you own?
What is the last concert you attended?
Favorite NEW artist?
Best music video?
What is your favorite remake of a song?
Do you like musicalsor think they're just ridiculous and annoying?
Do you like led zeppelin and gotta get led out everyday :]?
What do you think about Jim Morrison?
What do you think about Jimi Hendrix?
What do you think about Kurt Cobain?
What music just lets you chillax?
What is the trippiest song that you just know was made from drugs?
Here's a spot for you to advertise your favorite underground band:
Your favorite concert?
Have you ever performed music on stage?
If you were to meet a muscian, who would it be?
~Finishing Touches~
Did you like this survey :]?
You better have answered that question with a yes, smartass:
Was it too long, or just right?
If you were to guess what type of music I listen to, what would it be?
Do you think this was a waste of time?
Well of course it was a waste of time, but did you have fun?