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Author: foreverandaday
Created: August 4, 2009
Taken: 154 times
Rated: G

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So tell me. Are you human, or are you dancer?

Created by foreverandaday and taken 154 times on Bzoink
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What is your name spelt backwards?
What does your first name mean?
Where were you born?
Which nationality do you wish you were?
Do you enjoy school?
What teacher would you like to disappear off the face of the Earth?
How many best friends do you have?
Are you sure they're really your best?
What song always makes you smile?
How about cry?
Which sock do you put on first, right or left?
Do you believe the lines on your palm mean anything?
What religion are you?
Is it the religion you were raised?
Do you like shopping at the supermarket?
How good of a reader are you?
Where did your first kiss occur?
Speak any other languages?
What's your biggest heratige?
What car do you dream of purchasing?
Are you any good at drawing?
Do you prefer to watch the tellie, or movies?
What political issue means the most to you?
Is there anyone, besides family, who will always be in your heart?
Are you a Harry Potter fan?
Have you ever been admitted to a hospital?
Do you use Wikipedia on school papers?
What was the last movie you watched?
Are you Human, or are you Dancer?