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Author: melissa526
Created: August 4, 2009
Taken: 87 times
Rated: G

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I'm your Imaginary Buddy When You need One.

Created by melissa526 and taken 87 times on Bzoink
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have you ever been to another country?
do you like it where you live?
do you have a myspace?
how old are you?
what are you doing right now?
do you have any pets?
what is the closest red object to you?
how are you?
when does school start?
if it has started, when did it? if not, are you ready?
do you have a cold?
how many friends on myspace do you have?
what color is your hair?
who is your bestest bestest friend in the world?
who are some of your other best friends?
do you get on bzoink alot?
what is the date today?
what day of the week?
do you like ice-cream?
if so, what flavor? if not, why not?
do you watch disney channel?
do you like your life?
what is your favorite colors?
if you live in a state, what state? if not, where do you live?
have you even been invited to go to other places you never been before?
are your grandparents still alive?
how many siblings do you have?
what is your favorite sport to watch?
do you have a tv?
what was the last song you heard?
what color is your shirt right now?
do you like taking surveys?
what time is it?
do you have a cellphone?
are your parents still together?
what color are your eyes?
are you a christian?
what is your favorite drink?
do you go to church?
when you get sunburn, do you get tanned or burnt?
what is your name?
do you wear jackets everyday?
are you a aunt?
what about grandmother?
do you make friends easily?
what is your favorite flowers?
do you have roaches all in your house?
what time is it now?
have you got invited to the people to people thing?
do you pop your fingers?
do you wear socks?
where are you right now?
do you have a friend named matt?
do you have a friend that starts with a e?
do you love jesus?
do you go to private or public school?
do you like it?
what is your favorite radio station?
who is your favorite singer?
what is your favorite soup?
do you like skirts?
what is your favorite channel on tv?
do you type fast?
do you like tea?
do you have a keychain with keys on it?
do you shave?
are you happy?
are you glad this is almost over?
do you like gold or silver?
do you like chips and dip?
do you watch george lopez?
do you like to color with crayons or colored pencils?
have a good day ok?