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Author: iloveyouinthesameway
Created: August 1, 2009
Taken: 81 times
Rated: G

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Teach me the secret.

Created by iloveyouinthesameway and taken 81 times on Bzoink
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"Oh Mr. Sheffield. Oh Mr Sheffield!"
What was the last board game you played?
Did you know that Panic! at the Disco broke up?
Are there pillows in the room you are in?
What is the TV channel you watch the most? (If at all...)
Do you put a lot of butter on your bread or a little?
Are you usually the one mkaing plans or do you get invited more?
How often do you make your own breakfast?
What is the view outside the nearest window to you?
Do you own any bobble heads?
Describe the nearest lampshade to you.
Have you ever tied someone elses shoes?
When was the last time you chewed gum?
Is it acceptable to not brush your teeth for one day?
Have you ever sewed a button back onto a piece of clothing?
What store would you go to if you had to get someone a gift Bday for today?
Would you ever go on a cruise?
What was the first msic video you ever saw on MTV?
When was your last haircut?
Do you know anyone that owns a business?
What is your ideal vaction?
If you had to be on a game show, what show would it be?
Who are you living with?
What was the last notebook you used for?
Is there anything in the room your in that should be picked up?
Do you own anything in a glass box?
What is the most bothersome question that can be asked in a survey?
How do you listen to your music?
Have you ever heard a gun fire in real life?
Have you ever been in a parade?
What is your dream job?
Do you have a flip phone or a slide phone or even a touch phone?
Do you read any blogs faithfully?
Where is your printer located?
If you could have multiple super powers what would they all be?