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Author: pichu4850
Created: July 31, 2009
Taken: 141 times
Rated: G

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Created by pichu4850 and taken 141 times on Bzoink
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How long have you been a fan of pokemon?
How did you get into it? (show, TCG, the games...?)
Do you like watching the new episodes?
Are you currently playing any of the games?
If so, who is currently in your party?
And have you played any of the other games?
What are your favorite pokemon?
If you could have one in real life, which would you choose?
What are your favorite types and why?
The show.
Do you have any favorite episodes?
Did any of the sad episodes make you cry?
Which generation do you like best?
Do like Ash's old voice actor, or the new one?
The games.
Do you have a favorite version?
Who were on your past teams?
Did you specialize in any certain types, or have variety?
What types are the most annoying to battle and why?
What is something you don't like about playing the games?
Have you ever completed the pokedex?
Have you ever traded pokemon from the other versions?
What starter type do you usually begin with?
Have you ever bred pokemon?
What about participated in contests?
The TCG.
Do you/have you ever actually played the game how it was meant to be played
Or did you just collect them for the pictures (or both)?
What are your favorite cards?
Do you still collect them?
Have you ever sold/traded them to other people?
How many do you have?
This or that: Fire.
Rapidash or Arcanine?
Flareon or Ninetails?
Charmander or Cyndaquil?
Blaziken or Typhlosion?
Houndour or Growlithe?
This or that: Water.
Blastoise or Feraligatr?
Squirtle or Mudkip?
Kyogre or Suicune?
Wooper or Azurill?
Gyarados or Articuno?
This or that: Normal.
Pidgeot or Fearow?
Kanghaskan or Snorlax?
Togetic or Clefable?
Persian or Dodrio?
Ditto or Eevee?
This or That: Electric.
Pikachu or Manectric?
Jolteon or Raichu?
Elekid or Luxio?
Pachirisu or Mareep?
Luxray or Lanturn?
This or that: Grass.
Bulbasaur or Chikorita?
Meganium or Sceptile?
Treecko or Roselia?
Leafeon or Bellossom?
Tropius or Venusaur?
This or that: Ice.
Dewgong or Lapras?
Sneasel or Glalie?
Swinub or Smoochum?
Glaceon or Frosslass?
Delibird or Cloyster?
This or that: Fighting.
Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan?
Primeape or Machoke?
Infernape or Blaziken?
Lucario or Medicham?
Heracross or Poliwrath?
This or that: Poison.
Nidoqueen or Nidoking?
Beedrill or Muk?
Spinarak or Arbok?
Roserade or Vileplume?
Tentacruel or Crobat?
This or that: Ground.
Sandslash or Dugtrio?
Golem or Marowak?
Rhydon or Tyrannitar?
Groudon or Garchomp?
Phanpy or Sandshrew?
This or that: Flying.
Butterfree or Golbat?
Scyther or Xatu?
Lugia or Ho-oh?
Dragonite or Raqyquaza?
Taillow or Pidgeotto?
This or that: Psychic.
Kadabra or Slowbro?
Mew or Mewtwo?
Espeon or Giraffarig?
Hypno or Mr. Mime?
Celebi or Jirachi?
This or that: Bug.
Caterpie or Weedle?
Ledian or Butterfree?
Shuckle or Heracross?
Combee or Yanma?
Scizor or Scyther?
This or that: Rock.
Onix or Aerodactyl?
Corsola or Magcargo?
Kabutops or Omastar?
Tyrannitar or Aggron?
Larvitar or Geodude?
This or that: Ghost.
Gengar or Mismagius?
Duskull or Haunter?
Misdreavus or Ghastly?
Sableye or Shedinja?
Banette or Drifloon?
This or that: Dragon.
Dragonair or Kingdra?
Dratini or Bagon?
Latias or Latios?
Giratina or Dragonite?
Salamence or Rayquaza?
This or that: Dark.
Umbreon or Houndoom?
Houndour or Poochyena?
Weavile or Absol?
Cacturne or Shiftry?
Murkrow or Sharpedo?
This or that: Steel.
Mageton or Lairon?
Metagross or Steelix?
Skarmory or Scizor?
Lucario or Skarmory?
Magnemite or Beldum?
Whew thats over.