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Author: spiritt
Created: July 28, 2009
Taken: 94 times
Rated: G

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A pretty awesome Harry Potter survey

Created by spiritt and taken 94 times on Bzoink
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So let's talk books.
Who's your favorite character? Why?
Least favorite? Why?
Which wizarding school would you have wanted to attend?
Which professors do you wish you had had?
Anyone you really wouldn't want to have?
Five favorite quotes. One.
Favorite canon ship?
Canon ship that makes you cringe?
Favorite noncanon ship?
Any popular noncanon ships that you just hate?
Death that affected you the most?
Death that filled you with triumph?
Someone who died, but should've survived?
Someone who survived, but should've died?
Plot twist that shocked you the most?
Plot twist that you totally saw coming?
Overall, which is your favorite book?
Which is your least favorite?
Which House do you think you would be in? Why?
Which character do you think you're most like?
Which Honeydukes product would you love to try?
Which character ended up surprising you the most?
Who were you right about from day one?
Who would you most like to punch in the face?
Who would you most like to be friends with?
What did you think about the epilogue?
What would Amortentia smell like to you?
Let's talk about the films for just a bit.
Which was your favorite film? Why?
Least favorite? Why?
Which actor does the best job of portraying their character?
Which actor is totally miscast?
Who's your favorite of the directors?
Which film had the best score?
What's your favorite scene of all time?
Most attractive actor/actress?
The age-old question: Richard Harris or Michael Gambon?
Do you go to the midnight film premieres?
Just a bit more about the series itself.
Are you still suffering from post-Potter depression?
Do you like wizard rock? If so, which is your favorite band?
Do you read or write fanfiction?
Did you go to the midnight book releases?
Are you a Potter Pupper Pals fan?
How about A Very Potter Musical?
Do you believe JKR will ever continue the series? (Prologue, encyclopedia)
Do you want her to, or do you think it's time to lay it to rest?
Are you a Harry Potter Alliance member?
Do you think the series will still be relevant years from now?