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Author: shamegmeg
Created: July 26, 2009
Taken: 465 times
Rated: PG

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If He Knew What I Knew, He'd Thank God It's Friday.

Created by shamegmeg and taken 465 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever cut your own hair?
What do you eat most frequently?
Are you a fan of video games?
What's your favorite color combination?
Did you share a locker at school?
What's one sport you could never play?
Blue or black ink?
Have you ever sang kareoke?
What was the last concert you attended?
Have you held anyone's hand in the past week?
What's your favorite perfume/body spray/cologne?
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
What is the oldest age you think should wear makeup?
How old were you when you went on your first date?
What's your nationality(ies)?
Are you an open book?
Do you think you're a good secret keeper?
Name one fashion trend you could never follow.
Do you prefer long hair or short hair?
When do you plan to go to sleep tonight?
Has anyone besides your family seen you naked?
If so, who?
What exotic animal would you love to have as a pet?
Do you want kids when you're older?
Did your parents sign you up for anything you hated as a child?
Where's your cell phone?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
What are your feelings about Octomom?
Do you know of Smosh?
Do you drink enough water daily?
Is your diet healthy?
What's your favorite fruit?
What was your favorite Halloween costume?
Have you purchased any cool objects from a foreign country?
Are you on a laptop or a desktop computer right now?
Where do you plan to post this survey?
Do you remember anyone's number by heart?
Are you a morning person or a late night owl?
Name something you will never try in your lifetime.
What do you think is your biggest flaw?
First physical trait you notice in the sex you're attracted to?
How about personality wise?
Are you sick often?
Would you rather have strept throat or an ear infection?
When did you last shower?
Do you have neat handwriting?
Are you a messy or organized person?
At what age do you hope to get married?
Is being thin really all that great?
Which of the seven deadly sins do you think you're most guilty of?
How much time have you spent on the computer today?
What size shoe are you?
How was the weather today?
Do you live above, below, or on the Equator?
Do you know how to use Photoshop?
Admit it, you're thinking about someone right now.
Where is he/she?
Where was your first job?
Favorite year in high school?
East or West?
Where did your first kiss take place?
What color do you wear most often?
Who was the last person you talked on the phone to?
Have you ever done your own laundry?
Have you ever been to a night club?
Are you allergic to anything?
What's the best place you have ever eaten?
Do you own a hair straightener?
Are you barefoot right now?
Are you subscribed to any magazine?
Puppies or kittens?
If you had a billion dollars, where would your first investment be made?
Who is the best artist you've seen live?
Any major plans coming up this week?
Did you know they never told you Arnold's last name in Hey, Arnold?
Would you rather watch a romantic comedy or watch a thrilling horror movie?
Why is Paris Hilton famous?
How is your hair styled right now?
Favorite person that you've talked to today?
Do you need AC right now?
What do you think about cheating/cheaters?
Do more people call you by a nickname or your first name?
Name something you're proud of.
How much does it suck to learn something 'the hard way?'
Are you a hopeless romantic?
How do you feel about couples who say 'I love you' too soon?
What's the most recent favor you've done for somebody?
Are you at home right now?
What did you last spend money on?
Does any accent annoy you?
How about turn you on?
Are you wearing any jewelry?
Do you get along better with your mom or your dad?
Are you craving anything right now?
What's worse: Crocs or Uggs?
Do you knock before you open doors?
Do you know what a sock on the doorknob means?
Chocolate or vanilla?
What's your zodiac sign?
Does Fred from Youtube annoy you?