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Author: boldlygoingnowhere
Created: July 26, 2009
Taken: 26 times
Rated: PG

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no-one really seems to care.

Created by boldlygoingnowhere and taken 26 times on Bzoink
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do you still like busted?
what website do you go on the most?
roughly how many hours are you online a day?
how many other languages do you know?
do you have a brother?
do you like ugly betty?
amanda and mark are the best aren't they? :D
have you bought the sims 3?
do you have a moustache?
do you know anyone named phil?
do you think jimmy carr is funny?
did you want susan boyle to win britain's got talent?
what do you like to watch on tv?
what did you last watch on youtube?
have you ever written on your wall?
do you have a favourite picture? if so, what is it?
do you ever get dreams and reality mixed up?
have you ever dreamt someone close to you died?
do you have hayfever?
what's your favourite cold drink?
do you use twitter?
were you sad when fern britton left this morning (tv show)?
what's your favourite season?
why is that?
are you a vegetarian?
do you paint your nails?
do you still sleep with a cuddly toy?
what time is it?
do you ever run to tell someone when it's 00:00am?
last question: would you rather freeze or burn to death? xD