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About This Survey

Author: crazycraz525
Created: July 23, 2009
Taken: 41 times
Rated: G

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just a survey!!

Created by crazycraz525 and taken 41 times on Bzoink
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whats ur full name?
why r u taken this suvey?
how old are u?
do u go campin?
tailer, tent, rv, or cabin?
are u listening to music?
wat song?
how is ur heart?
wat color hair to u have?
wat time did u wake up this morning?
wat time is it now?
do u wear contacts, glasses, or nothing?
do u go swimmin in lakes or pools?
wats ur gender?
gay, straight, or bi?
are u single or taken?
have u ever been cheated on?
have u ever cheated on someone?
wats ur dream car?
dream vacation spot?
sun tan or spray tan?
favorite kind of tea?
do u like nascar?
if so, who is ur favorite driver?
do u have a crush on someone right now?
are u down with the sickness?
how many kids do u want?
do u find urself attractive?
do other find urself attractive?
are u having a good hair day?
do u like chocolate?
do u miss anyone rite now?
have u ever held an exotic animal?
do u like sleepovers?
wat grade are u in?
wat is ur favorite outdoor/indoor game to play?
why do u like playin it?
do u watch the soaps?
who is the hottest celebrity?
do u like facebook or myspace?
are u weird?
do ppl tell u tht ur weird?
how old were u when u had ur first kiss?
who was this last person to hold ur hand?
do u miss tht person?
are u bored?
do u watch a lot of tv?
wats ur favorite flavor of gum?
do u like ur hand writings?
wat were u doing at this time a week ago?
do u have any pets?
wat ur favorite song?
did u cry when micheal jackson died?
do u no anyone who did?
are u shallow?
what ur favorite color?
have u ever kissed in the rain?
is this suvery too long?
how tall are u?
are u blonde?