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Author: ooocoraxxx
Created: July 20, 2009
Taken: 145 times
Rated: G

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i never know what your feeling, get a moodring .

Created by ooocoraxxx and taken 145 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever been so happy its depressing?
Do you own a moodring?
Have you ever ran into a screen door?
What do you get high off of?
How arre you feeling?
Whos the last person you took a picture with?
Whens the last time you brushed your hair?
Whats deja vuu?
Do you have some sort of deja vuu whenever you see that word?
Whats a letter that appeals too you?
Name something you dig that starts with that letter--
Which friends parents do you like the best?
Have you got held back in any grade?
Whats something that you think is pretty?
Have you, or are you planning too finish highschool ?
Do you miss your mom or your dad?
What frightens you?
Do you have a second mom and dad?
Whats the last thing you seen that was on the news or in the paper?
Do you beleive everything happens for a reason?
Are you reading a good book?
Whats the last homecoooked meal you had?
Whats the last Fastfood you had?
What do you order from starbucks?
Do you think Justin Timberlake sings like a girl?
Do you have any "bad" habbits?
Do you feel more brave or uneasy atm?
What would you do if you got your cell phone tooken away right now?
Have you ever overheard your parents fighting?
Would you rather eat black liqurish or red liqurish?
Have you ever thought you were going tooo drown?
Whens the last time you took sleeping pills?
Whats the last movie you seen in theaters?
Whats one good part in the movie?
Whats your least favorirte thing too do in p.e?
Would you rather live in the carriabeans or ireland?
Are you good at hopscotch ?
Do they have hurricianes where you live?
What would you think if you met a person named Scrambled Eggs?
Whats a animal that you never sall but want too see?