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Author: xflirtykaosx
Created: July 17, 2009
Taken: 198 times
Rated: G

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Have you/Would you/Can you?

Created by xflirtykaosx and taken 198 times on Bzoink
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Have You Ever...?
Lied to your friends about who you saw?
Cheated on a test?
Cheated no a partner?
Dated a friends ex soon after they broke up?
Dated your ex's friend soon after you broke up?
Eaten caviar?
Smoked a cigar?
Had more than 15 cigarettes in one day?
Smoked weed?
Smoked weed on a regular basis or in a large amount?
Eaten at a famous Chefs restaurant?
Read someone elses diary or bank info without permission?
Bought someone a membership to a club or society?
Kissed a poster of a celeb or person you find attractive?
Eaten a chip sandwich?
Eaten a mustard and ham sandwich?
Got caught doing something bad on tape?
Drunk a drink that you thought was something else?
Had extra strong chewing gum?
Bit your gum or lower lip and it bled?
Broken a vase or plant pot and blamed it on the cat?
Broken anything else and blamed it on a pet?
Eaten roule cheese?
Watched a foreign film without the subtitles on?
Kissed a frog to see if a prince would come?
Coloured a black and white photograph in?
Pronounced your name in a foreign accent?
Saw an eclipse with your own eyes?
Sat an exam after 4pm?
Covered your face with so much makeup it looked hideous?
Gone on a school camping trip?
Stolen something off your parents?
Watched TV for 5 hours solid?
Cried while on a fairground ride?
Had to go to the doctors due to a bad flu?
Got a CAT or other form of brain scan?
Spilt spaghetti all over your light coloured top?
Got wine or coke on your parents furniture?
Faked sadness to get out of trouble?
Opened up a packet of chips or crisps upside down?
Called your friend Mum or Dad by accident?
Eaten a boiled egg on it's own?
Eaten raw onions as a snack?
Watched someone commit a crime and didn't report it?
Slipped a disc whilst carrying something heavy?
Swore at a teacher whilst at school?
Would You Ever...?
Dress up as the opposite sex?
Eat a whole pizza to yourself?
Sing infront of 2000 or more people?
Swim with dolphins?
Audition for a reality show?
Lick your partners toes?
Not shower for 2 weeks?
Look after someone elses child permanently?
Fly an aeroplane?
Ask a stranger for directions?
Catch a 5am train?
Buy condoms at a pharmacy?
Hold a strangers hand if they were scared?
Illegally sell drugs for a lot of money?
Jump into a swimming pool off the highest board?
Lick a stamp?
Make fun of your partners family infront of them?
Museder someone who murdered or raped a child?
Name your child Adele?
Name your pet Toby?
Touch a naked flame with one finger?
Play strippoker?
Pay for sex?
Pet a dog you didn't know?
Pee behind a bush or in a field if you thought nobody could see?
Queue up for a concert ticket for 5 hours or longer?
Ride a camel in the desert?
Risk your life for 1000 strangers?
Show your privates in public to raise a million for charity?
Wear a turban for a year?
Can You...
Ride a bike?
Speak fluent in another language?
Remember all your families names?
Ride a horse?
Play Tennis?
Play Golf?
Play Football or Soccer?
Control your temper?
Show your emotions?
Help others?
Stay neutral?
Eat spicy foods?
Work as a team?
Work on your own?
Used a compass?
Do simple Math?
Spell reasonably well?
Understand basic Science?
Reach a 175 or more in bowling?
Join up write?
Touch your nose with your tongue?
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