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Author: kamy--x
Created: July 17, 2009
Taken: 316 times
Rated: G

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--Because I wanted to be different--

Created by kamy--x and taken 316 times on Bzoink
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Would you say you're quite a popular person?
How many BEST friends do you have?
Do you trust any of your friends with your life?
Do you think you will stay friends with any of them forever?
Do you feel you are drifting away from any of them?
Have you had an argument with any of them recently?
If yes, Have you both gotten over the argument?
Have you ever talked behind your friends backs?
Have you ever lied about anything big to any of them?
Do you love to hug your friends?
Do you hang out with your friends a lot?
Are you thinking about any of them right now?
Do you miss any of them?
Do you text them a lot, or call them?
Do you get called weird a lot?
Or random?
Are you generally a happy person?
Or do you get bad mood swings?
Do you get angry a lot?
What do you do when you are really angry?
Do you cry a lot?
Are you bi polar?
Is there someone who always puts a smile on your face?
How do you feel now?
Do you get bored often?
Who was the last person who made you cry?
Do you get really paranoid sometimes?
Do you feel like crying right now?
Do you wear glasses?
How about braces?
What colour is your hair?
Your eyes?
Do you like your eyes?
How tall are you?
Do you get complimented on one of your features sometimes?
Name 5 things you like about yourself?
Is there anything about yourself you want to change?
Are you happy with your weight right now?
Have you ever had to have fillings in your teeth?
Do you have long finger nails?
Do you have any scars?
Do you shave anywhere?
Other Questions
What country would you like to visit most?
Is there anybody you really hate?
Whats your favourite season?
Do you recieve many hugs?
Do you hae any plans for the next week?
Whats your favourite thing to eat?
Do you drink a lot of water?
Whats your most visited websites?
Do you have myspace?
How about Facebook?
When you can't spell a word do you look it up on google?
Whats one thing you want to do before you die?
Do you believe in love at first sight?