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Author: eyeheartyou
Created: July 12, 2009
Taken: 316 times
Rated: G

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do me, i'm a survey.

Created by eyeheartyou and taken 316 times on Bzoink
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when's the last time you ate a pickle?
what's that you're listening to?
was the last thing you drank a coke or pepsi product?
how many times is your cartilage pierced in your ears?
what are your pets names?
do you need to take a smoke break right now?
have you ever had a pet bird?
honestly, do you think that you're going to be an overprotective parent?
what was the last kind of chips you ate?
tell me the birthdates of everyone in your top friends.
would you rather have ice cream, freeze pops, or popsicles in the summer?
what kind of relationship do you have with the last person you kissed?
have you ever told a stranger that their barn door was open?
what color are your toenails right now?
when was the last time you clipped your nails?
does your mouse have a wheel to scroll with?
what is your biggest accomplishment in life?
click on a myspace bulletin and scroll to the main bottom - what's it say?
what is one thing that you really wish you could understand, but don't?
what were your grades on the last report card you recieved?
what temperature do you like to keep your room at?
what's your favorite department in lowes?
what is the brightest object you can see by just looking around the room yo
have you ever been tutored or tutored someone yourself?
would you rather wear necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings?
pretty, bright, fake jewelry or boring, plain, real jewelry?
where did you recieve your last receipt from?
what was the last thing you said outloud (singing doesn't count)?
is everything you have on actually yours?
when was the last time you wore a band-aid and why?
do you like ketchup or mustard better with your corn dogs?
do you ever just randomly drive around when you're upset about something?
you look at the clock and it's 4:44 PM, what do you do?
a trip to california, the bahamas, new york, wisconsin, utah, or canada?
what would you do if you discovered that you had a 7 year old kid?
moon sand or play doh?
what was the last act of creativity you displayed?
do you like the way your hair looks right now?
do you ever find yourself just writing/typing out your feelings?
if so, does that make you feel better?
who's house were you at last, besides your own?
any big plans for this summer?
are you missing school yet?
play guitar, drums, keytar, xbox, sims, sing, or take a dance class?
what's your favorite department in wal-mart?
have/would you ever run track?
do you honestly believe that someone will waste their time reading this?
do you like your teeth?
the last male that you texted just confessed his undying love for you...
do you still speak to him?
are you in a hurry to grow up?
who was the last person you were in a vehicle with other than family?
does piano music tend to calm you down?
do a 180, then turn back around and tell me what you saw.
do you actually pay attention to the lyrics in a song before you add it?
how many people can you think of that you know named christopher?
how far away are the people you miss most?
what's something you need to get done soon?
what is the most repulsing smell you can ever recalling catching a whiff of
your best friend tells you they're moving. believe it or think it's a joke?
who's pool did you last swim in?
is your best friend awake right now?
are any of your friends or family members out of town right now?
your grandparents just died in a plane crash, what are you doing?
what website did you last visit (and no, myspace doesn't count on this one)
if i came to your house, could i find any kind of chocolate?
do your parents allow smoking in your house?
does everyone in your top friends really deserve to be in that place?
what size bed do you have?
would you rather frollic through a field of daisies, sunflowers, or daffodi
do you remember the last time that you colored a picture and what did you d
last person you left a voicemail for?
what is the last thing you charged?
who was the last person to upload a picture with you in it?
have you ever held a snake?
what did you last use tape for?
what was your score last time you bowled?
do you remember your cubby hole number from kindergarten?
do you like peas?
is your current status update and mood accurate on what you're doing?
describe to me the nearrest stuffed animal to you.
what is the last cd that you listened to in a vehicle?
do you ever wear sleep masks when you sleep or shower caps when you shower?
what would you like to drink right now?
zebrah print, cheetah print, cow print, polka dots, or stripes?
could you tell me exactly what pets everyone in your tops friends have?
when is the last time you ate pudding or yogurt?
do you like raisins?
do you tend to drink lemonade often?
would you rather go to a beach, and amusement park, or a water park?