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Author: pennylovessheila
Created: July 11, 2009
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

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You're the voice I hear inside my head

Created by pennylovessheila and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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have you seen ice age: dawn of the dinosaurs ?
do you own a guitar ?
have you ever been to the wonderfully scented world of lush ? (its a store)
do you own a flat screen tv ?
do you own any friendship bracelets ?
do you knw what EYC stands for ?
do you find cockroaches pointless ?
whos Michael Jackson ?
have you seen the notebook like the majority of the world ?
have you ever seen the smoking gun's --- on tru tv ?
describe your favorite bathing suit.
whats your name ?
do you knw anyone named Vayda ?
do you own any cool electrical device ?
do you text how you type ?
are you more of a tomboy or girly girl ? (if you are a girl)
do you knw what a hippocampus zebra is ?
dont you just love sid from ice age ?
do have an accent ?
have you ever tasted a thomas blueberry bagel ?
have you ever shopped online ?
do you like shake it by metro station ?
have you ever watched the youtube video called frozen grand central ?
have you ever read the bible ?
name something you think is rele dumb.
have you ever been to busch gardens ?
dont you just love chipotle !?
do you have an ex best friend ?
how about a long distance best friend ?
do you knw where the title came from ?