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Author: animegrl10100
Created: July 9, 2009
Taken: 1 times
Rated: G

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Reality show!!

Created by animegrl10100 and taken 1 times on Bzoink
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Team mates! who gets on the show?
Boy 1: (you)
boy 2:
boy 3:
boy 4:
boy 5:
boy 6:
Girl 1: (you)
Girl 2:
Girl 3:
Girl 4:
Girl 5:
Girl 6:
Team colors!!
whats team 1's color?
team 2's color?
team 3's color?
team 4's color?
team 5's color?
team 6's color?
who's in team 1?
team 2?
team 3?
team 4?
team 5?
team 6?
Who did what to get on.
Who sang?
Who danced?
Who lap danced?
Who just said "im awesomer then the rest so let me on the show!"
who used an audition video of him/her iceskating on a frozen pond?
who ballet danced?
who ate icecream in less then 50 seconds?
who told jokes?
who did kareoke?
who raced?
What did you do?
who did what you did but diffrently?
how many rounds? (put 5 anyway)
round 1 is? has to be somthing teamworkey
Round 1
who won? (team or people)
who lost?
who came second?
Who got eliminated?
what was the challenge the 2 teams did to stay?
how did the two say good-bye to eachother?
second round!!
what is it?
who won?
who lost?
who came is second?
who got eliminated?
whats the challenge?
what teams went up?
how'd they say goodbye?
third round
what was it?
who won?
who lost?
second place?
third place?
elimination (god i dont like typing this)
who went up?
what challenge?
how'd they say goodbye?
who won?
fourth round!!
what was the challenge?
who won?
who lost?
second place?
who went up?
who won?
how'd they say bye?
LAST ROUND!!! 2 teams left!!!
the final challenge?
the final two teams?
who won?
what was the prize?
what did the second placer win?
After the show!!
Who threw the party?
what was it like?
who came?
what teams became couples?
what other team partners became couples?
who's watching the show?
what are the teams wearing while watching the show?
team 1
team 2
team 3
team 4
team 5
team 6
did you like the show?
what did you wear to the party?