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Author: ooocoraxxx
Created: July 7, 2009
Taken: 41 times
Rated: G

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where born too die, so i just get high like im born to die.

Created by ooocoraxxx and taken 41 times on Bzoink
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If you had to do one of these, and only one which one alcohol,cigs,or weed?
What kind of cookie is your favorite?
Do you sleep with your TV on?
Do you sleep in the dark or in the light?
Do you put posters all over your wall, if so whats your favorite?
Would you ever be on a reality show?
If you had too would you pick too be on VH1 or MTV?
You got the munchies and go to tacobell, what do you order?
Do you think work is better than school?
Whats the last song you played?
In Bikini Bottom would you live under a rock or in a pineapple?
What do you want too be for halloween this year?
Whens the last time you cleaned your room, is it still clean?
If you could paint your nails any color, what color would that be atm?
Do you know what your going too do with your life?
Have you ever ate dog food?