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Author: kamalers
Created: July 3, 2009
Taken: 57 times
Rated: G

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All about you Girl [Good Grammer :)]

Created by kamalers and taken 57 times on Bzoink
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Whats your name?:
Any nicknames?:
Eye color?:
How old are you?:
Relationship status?:
Chocolate or flowers from a boy?:
Are gifts necessary?:
Whats your favorite flower?:
Are poems cute?:
Tough guys or Super Sweet guys?:
Do you like Blond guys or Brunette?:
Red heads?:
Green eyes or blue?
How about brown eyes?:
How much muscle?:
Is chubby okay?:
Personality or looks?:
Whats your ideal date?:
Kiss on the first date?:
Kiss even if hes not your boyfriend?:
Who was the last guy you kissed?:
Where was it?:
When was it?:
Was anyone else there?:
If you're not dating him, do you wish you were?:
If you are dating him, are you happy?:
What is he like?:
More about you.
Are you a jealous type?:
Do you get angry easily?:
Are you superstitious?:
Do you read your horoscope?:
What is your astrological sign?:
What are you listening to?:
What do you want to accomplish before the year is out?: