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Author: danumba1rockstar
Created: July 2, 2009
Taken: 93 times
Rated: G

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How is your life?

Created by danumba1rockstar and taken 93 times on Bzoink
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Your Life
How would you describe yourself?
What are you feeling right now?
If you could rate how your feeling what would it be? 1- crappy 10- great!
Have you ever thought about killing yourself?
Does it bother you that this world is so corrupt?
Is there anything you would want to change right now, no matter what it is?
What do you fear most in life?
What is your biggest goal?
Are you afraid of dying?
If you could erase any of your memories... would you?
Whats the best memory you have?
Do you mainly have good dreams or nightmares?
Are you a happy person?
If your not happy, then what are you?
Is there anyone that you hate?
Do you believe in the afterlife?
Is God a major figure in your life?
Is there anyone that you like/love right now?
How would you describe your love life?
Friend Evaluation
Do you think you have good friends?
Would you trust any of them with your life?
Have you ever been betrayed by a friend?
Have any of your close friends ever moved?
What stereotype do you categorize yourself and friends as?
Do you have a crush on one of your good friends?
Have you ever been in a huge fight with a friend?
Whats the last thing you said to your friend?