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Author: sourcookie11
Created: July 2, 2009
Taken: 4 times
Rated: G

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Choices made by YOU! ;D (my first one :D)

Created by sourcookie11 and taken 4 times on Bzoink
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What is your full name?
If you could change this...what would it be?
Your name...
Where you live...
A past mistake...
What's Better...?
Twilight Saga or Harry Potter?
Drawing or Painting
Robert Patterson (Edward) or Taylor Lautner (Jacob)
Flowers or Chocolates?
Yelling or Hitting?
Smoking or Drinking?
Fishing or Reading?
Tattoo or Surgery?
Taste in Comedy
Family Guy or The Simpsons?
Gabriel Igelsias or Dane Cook? (WARNING! boh are brilliant hehe)
Carlos Mencia or George Lopez?
Kung Fu Panda or Wall-E?
Pranking or Practical Jokes?
Jackass or South Park?
Taste in Movies (Scarier?...Suspenseful?)
(Scarier?) The Ring or The Grudge?
(Suspenseful?) Distrubia or De Ja Vu?
(Scarier?) Drag Me To Hell or Texas Massachre?
(Suspenseful?) The Orphanage or Premonition?
(Scarier?) Saw (I,II,III,IV,V) or Friday the Thirteenth?
(Suspenseful?) Vacancy or Hide n Seek?