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Author: krystinna
Created: June 28, 2009
Taken: 2 times
Rated: G

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Your time @ Impact 09' Lippscomb University

Created by krystinna and taken 2 times on Bzoink
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Impact 09'
Was it your first time going to Impact
Was it your first time in Nashville, Tn
What were your favorite events
What was your favorite class
Did anyone have any nice shirts on
Was there anyone cute there
What kind of music did they play
Did you do anything weird
Did you wanna leave
Would you ever go to school at Lipscomb University
Did you have fun
How many more weeks til the Impact 10'
What bands did you meet up close and personal
Did they play rockband
How was the entertainment
Did you praise and worship
Were you on Tv
Who was your counselor
Was she/he fun
Did they have Starbucks
Did youget any souvenirs
Did anyone look like Edward Cullen
What was the theme
How long was the ride
What kind of vehicle did you take
How many people came to Impact 09'
Can you wait til Impact 10'
Skidmore or Rubio
Are you going next year
1 Random Question
Whats your three favorite Bands