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About This Survey

Author: lingling17
Created: June 26, 2009
Taken: 368 times
Rated: PG

Relationship Survey.(current, ex's everything) LONG

Created by lingling17 and taken 368 times on Bzoink
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Are you single,taken, married etc.
Do you like it?
with whom was your lonngest relatioship?
Why do you think it lasted so long?
What do you think the "key" is to relationships
Whats your shortest realtionship
With whO?
Why did it not last?
do you wish it lasted longer?
how many times have you been dumped?
how many times have you dumped someone else?
do you like hot cheetoes?
Do you miss your ex?
why or why not?
Whats your most current's ex name?
have you ever slept at a boyfriend/ girlfriends house?
how many boys have you dated?
how many girls?
whats the farthest you've gone with someone?
Did you go this far with love?
Have you ever dated someone to use them?
do you regret it?
have you cheated before?
do you regret it?
Do you like to date people like you?
who's the most attractive person you've dated?
Who's the uglest ?
who's the worst kisser?
who's the best kisser?
have you ever broken the law with a boyfriend/girlfriend?
have you ever been in love?
Have you ever gotten drunk with a boyfriend/girlfriend
ever gotten a broken heart?
Whats the stupidest thing you've ever done because of a boy/girl?
Do you regret this?
Have you ever liked a girl/ boy family more then the boy/ girl
do you date people the same religion as you?
have you ever been married
are you a virgin?
Have you ever dated a boy/girl that looked like you?
Do you usually go to school with that person?
Whats the worst characteristic in a boy/ girl?
Whats the best?
Whats the best hair color?
Whats the best eye color?
do looks or personality come first?
name all the ex's you can think of?
Look at the first one on the list? why are they first?
Do you like more mature or less mature?
whats your favorite thing to do with your love?
whats the best thing you've ever been called by a love?
whats the worst?
Do you forgive liars?
do you perfer smokers/drinkers or non smokers/drinkers
do you like long or short surveys?
have you ever dated someone really ugly?
Have you ever felt that your love deserves better?
do you like to dance with your love?
do your parents have alot of impact with who you date?
do they like most the guys or not?
Do you like the jealous type?
have you ever made your ex boy/girl jealous?
do you give second chances?
whats teh most times you've taken someone bacK?
why did you?
when do you think you\\\'ll meet \\
Who\\\'s the weirdest person you\\\'ve dated
have you ever dated soemone with kids?