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Author: lovely4-eva0881
Created: June 26, 2009
Taken: 14 times
Rated: PG

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You are a freak...(:

Created by lovely4-eva0881 and taken 14 times on Bzoink
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Freaks,,, aren't we cool:
have you ever been called crazy?
Would you consider chopping your enemy up with an axe?
haha,, who are you?
do you know that for sure?
The normal side:
are you caring or evil?
do you care if someone talks bad about you?
are your eyes blue?
do you like the joker?
how about micheal jackson (r.i.p) ?
isnt Dane cook super funny?
What about jeff dunham?
More crazy!?!?
WHEN I TYPE IN CAPS,, people think i am mad.you?
Do you like My chemical Romance?
Is pete wentz hot?
Isnt Brokencyde awesome?
Google them. they are great!
Do you like Breathe carolina or 3rd floor plan?
check them out 2.. awesome singers. techno/rock/scream.
Do you like mario kart?
I love yoshi.. you??
Do u have myspace...?
ever got spam?
I hate that dont you?
shee-uree /wht does tht say in regular english?
how to you sound out tape?
I say (( Tayy- puh ))!
Do you know who Micha is?
I dont either...(:
is music your life?
Is video games the bomb?
Would You ever:
bomb a factory?
lick a tree?
Kiss your best friend?
makeout in a closet?
dance on your desk in science class?
have a threesome? (i wuldnt ever)
consider plastic surgery?
eat a crayon?
hahaha. im done bye suckkka's(;