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Author: shaarnaa
Created: June 22, 2009
Taken: 186 times
Rated: G

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the nights we cry under the stars

Created by shaarnaa and taken 186 times on Bzoink
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who was the last person you kissed?
current mood?
what can you hear?
what does your last text message say?
done anything you regret lately?
what did you do last new years eve?
is your current hair colour natural?
who's your best friend and why?
what did you do last weekend?
ever done any sort of drug?
who are all your txt msgs from?
do you remember your dreams?
if so, what was your most recent one?
what are you wearing?
if you could be any colour, what would you be?
single or taken?
do you like the beach?
ever been so mad you cried?
if you had to be stranded on an island with 3 ppl who would they be?
currently txting any1?
what colour is your favourite hoodie?
summer or winter?
what's your opinon on boy bands?
are you secretly in love with any1 atm?
who's the most amazing person youv met so far?
do you like hot dogs?
do you prefer to wear shoes or be barefoot?
are you currently thirsty?
what time do you normally go to bed?
are you afraid of anything?
shower or bath?
do you keep a diary?
do you believe in jesus?
what's the scariest thing youv ever done?
ever been camping?
any plans for your nxt birthday?
what's your opinon on same sex relationships?
what's the next thing you want pierced?
what do you think about people who put stretchers in their ear?
ever thought you were going crazy?
will next year be the best year of your life?
do you have any pictures of ur friends in ur room?
do you own any pets?
what's ur favourite chocolate?
worst show on tv?