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Author: coh17
Created: June 20, 2009
Taken: 80 times
Rated: G

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i'm fighting for this boy , in a battlefield of love !

Created by coh17 and taken 80 times on Bzoink
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So do you like boys or girls?
Do you shave?
What kind of shampoo do you use?
Do you straighten your hair?
Curl it?
What kind of computer do you have?
What size bed?
Favorite Drinks?
Let me guess, you a twilight fan?
Are you tall or short?
What is your favortie movie?
Tv Show?
Opposite Sex
What eye color do you perfer?
Color hair?
Older or Younger?
Emo or Prep?
Dress gansta or nerdy?
Smokes or no?
Hot or Sexy?
Hot or Cute?
Plays sports?
What kind would you perfer him to play?
Would you care if he didn't go to your school?
Would you care if he didn't have the same color skin as you?
So do you have a true love yet?
Are you excited for summer?
Has it started yet for you?
Who do you want to spend it with this summer?
Wanna hang out with some new friends?
How about meeting someone?
Are you going to judge people or see what there about first?
Are you going to go swimming?
On a date?
Go on vacation?
If so where?
Any road trips?
Partying this summer?
All nighters?
Play any sports?
This or That
Chips or Chocolate?
Sporty or Lazy?
Theatre or Tv?
Stay home or Going out?
Amusment park or Fair?
Rap or Pop?
Loose clothes or Tight?
Jeans or Sweat?
Shorts or Skirts?
Computer or Tv?
Msn or Facebook?
Facebook or Myspace?
Wendys or Mcdonalds?
Timhortons or Starbucks?