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Author: xxitsemilybabyxx
Created: June 17, 2009
Taken: 26 times
Rated: G

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Party like a rockstarrrr,

Created by xxitsemilybabyxx and taken 26 times on Bzoink
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Who is the last..
Person who texted you?
Pet to bite you?
Girl to say sorry to you?
Guy to say sorry to you?
Person to send you a link?
Person to tell you to get off your ass?
Person to leave you a voicemail?
Person who called you?
Have you ever..
Rode your bike in the rain?
Kissed under water?
Slept in a cave?
Stood on the corner?
Had sex?
Tore your fingers off?
Slammed your head into a door?
Told your mom to stfu?
Yelled at someone just because you felt like fighting?
Do you like macoroni and cheese?
How about hot dogs?
Have you ever pointed a knife at anyone?
So who do you like at the moment?[:
Are you single?
If so,are you crushing?
Do you use Mozilla Firefox?
Why do you like your number one on your top friends?
Have you ever used anyone?