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Author: dudeitskatie
Created: June 13, 2009
Taken: 23 times
Rated: G

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the awesomeest survey dude!!

Created by dudeitskatie and taken 23 times on Bzoink
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hi, how are you?
what did/are you doing today?
are you tired?
do you think the drink monster is good?
did your school end yet?
do you miss anybody?
what time did you wake up today?
have you read twilight?
team edward or jacob or niether?
whats your favorite band?
what your favorite music genre?
are you bored?
do you ever think myspace is ovverated?
what colors are you blankets?
whose house did you last sleepover at?
are you listening to music?
is your myspace the default kind?
do you like blink-182? [ the answer is yes!!]
are you planning on going to any concerts this summer?
what are you doing this summer?
at a movie theatre, witch armrest do you use?
are you taken er single?
whats your favorite class?
do you enjoy school?
do you like that fred guy on youtube?
describe you hair :
do you want kids?
are youy afraid of wood ticks?
do you go to a private school er public?
any pets?
this er that!! yay!
cats er dogs?
night er day?
tv er movie?
family guy er simpsons?
winter er summer?
fall er spring?
edward er jacob?
myspace er facebook?
this er that?
disney er nickolodean?
rap er rock?
pepsi er coke?
books er magazines?
run er walk?
noise er silence?
mcdonalds er burger king/
doritos er cheetos?
eric forman er hyde? do you no ehat im talking about?
elmo er big bird?
alright, back to questons!!
how long does it take your phone to charge?
do you like chipolte?
do you have an ipod? what kind/color?
what does your mother do fer work?
are you on youtube alott?
is it raining?
do you like anybody?
do you like obama?!?! [ once again, YES!!]
do you ever feel like the whole worlds against you?
is the world going to end in 2012?
do you believe in aliens?
if yes; descrbe what you think they looks like:
are you texing right now?
are you one of those people whos room always has to be clean?
do you like the abb ' LOL'?
do you think ' haha' is used too often?
what time is it?
what should you be doing instead of this?
how was the school year?
are you in highschool?
what do you do on the busride to school?
can you finish this lyric " all the small things ___ ___ ___ ____ ?
do you like that song?