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Author: kayluhhxkutthroat
Created: June 13, 2009
Taken: 55 times
Rated: G

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And I'll Hold On To This..Please Don't.. Let it Pass You By

Created by kayluhhxkutthroat and taken 55 times on Bzoink
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How do you feel about Harry Potter?
Are you able to vote?
Would you give up your right arm for the person you love?
Are you taking the hobbits to Isengard?
How many books do you read a month?
Can you roll your tongue?
Were you ever robbed?
How many times have you seen your favorite movie?
Do clothes really make the man?
Describe yourself in 2 words:
What is your opinion on hunting?
Do you own anything diamond?
How would it feel to be the last man on earth?
Are you a fast typer?
How do you feel about thunderstorms?
Do you think Myspace does more harm than good?
Are you good at saying tongue-twisters?
Do you own a swingset?
What's your best childhood memory?
What's your worst fear?
What's the last thing you said?
Have you ever swam in the ocean?
Where is your dream home located?
How many times a week do you shower?
Are you a bully?
How many nicknames do you have?
Did you know that slugs have three eyelids?
What color shirt are you wearing?
Are you a fan of randomness?
Does pink cotton candy taste better than blue?
Would you freak if you seen a spider right now?
Are you nocturnal?
Do you parents trust leaving you home alone?
Do you get too little sleep?
What is one thing that makes you really nervous?
Are you good at public speaking?
Have you ever counted a thousand?
Burn the sun, Burn the Light, Take it Away.