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Author: kayluhhxkutthroat
Created: June 11, 2009
Taken: 941 times
Rated: PG

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I'm Oh In It, Oh So Intricate (Have You Ever)

Created by kayluhhxkutthroat and taken 941 times on Bzoink
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Have You Everrrr:
Been in love:
Been happy:
Smiled all day:
Lost a best friend:
Owned a pet:
Cried for an hour straight:
Been to a funeral:
Had a child:
Spent more than 500$ in one place:
Been drunk:
Been high:
Done drugs:
Had sex:
Went skydiving:
Done something illegal:
Burned a Cd:
Done something stupid for a dare:
Played 7 minutes in heaven:
Failed a test:
Failed a class:
Failed a grade:
Been grounded:
Been in trouble:
Done chores:
Been screamed out:
Been arrested:
Been tased:
Been shot:
Been in jail:
Been kidnapped:
Been peppersprayed:
Been to church:
Been baptized:
Taken over fifty pictures of yourself:
Had a myspace:
Had a facebook:
Had a vampirefreaks:
Had a tagme:
Had a stickam:
Been obsessed with Twittering:
Ate a whole pizza by yourself:
Watched the news:
Read the newspaper:
Threw something at a teacher:
Threw something at a parent:
Been involved in a food fight:
Gotten detention:
Been suspended:
Been expelled:
Changed Schools:
Been the odd one out:
Been bullied:
Bullied someone else:
Thrown up from being so drunk:
Seen someone die:
Been in a car accident:
Sold something:
Had a birthday party:
Drove a Car:
Been on tv:
Been on the news:
Been in the newspaper:
Been on a sports team:
Been kicked out of a place:
Spent all day online:
Made an account on Bzoink:
Made a quiz on Bzoink:
Felt special:
Been given a rose:
Went to a school dance:
Slow danced with someone:
Spent the night with someone of the opposite sex:
Ditched someone:
Been ditched:
Jumped on a trampoline:
Been poisoned:
Been bitten by a cat:
A spider:
A dog:
Broken a bone:
Broken someones heart:
Had your heart broken:
Been dumped through text messages:
Dumped someone through a text:
Been out of your state:
Been out of your country:
Swam in the ocean:
Been to the ocean:
Went searching for seashells:
Seen a shooting star:
Met someone famous:
Killed an animal:
Went scubadiving:
Hurt yourself on purpose:
Been depressed:
Attempted suicide:
Changed your style:
Changed yourself for someone else:
Gotten hate mail:
Been on a hit list:
Created a hit list:
Climbed a tree:
Been to a professional sports game:
Been robbed:
Had a job:
Been fired:
Played a prank on someone:
Won anything on a lottery ticket:
Won a contest:
Sang publicly:
Been in a karaoke contest:
Had a whole day with nothing to do:
Gone to summer school:
Couldn't think of what you wanted to say:
Attended college:
Been to a college party:
Had a roomate:
Been to boarding school:
Done cyber school:
Tried to teach someone else:
Thought about your future:
Felt ashamed:
Felt selfish:
Felt used:
Felt evil:
Made plans to hurt someone:
Lost your luggage:
Been outside during a lightning storm:
Been on a date:
Been taken out to dinner:
Lied to someone you love:
Did something you know you shouldn't have done:
Tripped in public:
Done something embarrasing:
Beat someone up:
Been in a physical fight:
Been in a verbal fight:
Won a fight:
Lost a fight:
Taken lessons for something:
Been complimented:
Been critizized:
Cooked for someone:
Taken care of someone when they were sick:
Felt lonely:
Spent a lot of time on something stupid:
Went to a movie premiere:
Seen Twilight:
Been to Paris:
Been to Japan:
Seen the statue of liberty:
Seen the White House:
Seen Niagara Falls:
Felt paranoid:
Used microsoft Powerpoint:
Broken something valuable:
Used a credit card:
Been stalked:
Changed your phone number:
Given money to someone in need:
Been a member of a club:
Been so bored that you counted ceiling tiles:
Square Danced: