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Author: jesuis-supermodel
Created: June 10, 2009
Taken: 46 times
Rated: G

how true is your passion for fashion?

Created by jesuis-supermodel and taken 46 times on Bzoink
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Use what you know. Don't cheat/look things up! Enjoy:) then see my answers!
Do you consider yourself fashionable?
Favorite store?
Favorite fashion designer?
Favorite fashion model?
Have you ever heard of WWD?
Where & when is New York Fashion Week held, specifically?
Who designed Michelle Obama's inaugural gown?
What do you think of mixing black with blue or brown?
Who designs for Louis Vuitton?
Who is the 'King of Fashion'?
What is the first name of the designer with last name 'Posen'?
Where is THE fashion gala of the year held?
What's your favorite fashion magazine?
Do you know what haute couture is?
What were fashion's two most rebellious decades of the 1900's?
What's New York City's most fashionable neighbourhood?
Who was the last designer to sell a specialty line at H&M?
About what 'Last Great Emperor' was there a recent film?
Which designer traditionally cartwheels at the end of her runway shows?
What do you think of leggings?
Name some fashion schools.
Have you ever gotten something only to see it in a magazine later?
How much of a trend-starter are you?
Original designer of the Wrap dress?
What life passion will you follow?
Ok, that's all for now. See my answers for the answers of a real expert! :)