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Author: 01189998819991197253
Created: June 10, 2009
Taken: 69 times
Rated: G

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No More Tears, The more emotional side of you

Created by 01189998819991197253 and taken 69 times on Bzoink
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The Baisics again
now to this pointless surveys
When was the last time you cried?
Do you remember how old you were when you stopped crying over silly things?
stupid question: tears of joy or sadness?
Have you ever loved someone so much, that you cried?
Have you ever considered suicide?
Have you ever had to talk a friend out of it?
Do you know anyone who has killed themself?
Were you bullied at school?
Have you ever cried out of anger?
Hve you ever cried because you got into trouble at school?
Have you ever cried to get out of trouble?
Do you think people who cry are all wusses?
I don't, being emotional does not make you a wus
Do you know anyone who cries a lot?
Have you ever made anyone cry?
Are you embarresed about the times you cried?
Do weddings make you cry?
Are there any songs which make you cry?
That's all i can think of