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Author: casady
Created: June 7, 2009
Taken: 191 times
Rated: G

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Created by casady and taken 191 times on Bzoink
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I love you like a fat kid loves cakeee
Do you ever just sit and ponder your situation?
What's your first name? middle initial? third letter of your last name?
If you were to pop out a babyboy right this moment,what would you name him?
What is your bestfriend's favorite color?
Do you like lemonade?
What was the last thing you put into your mouth?
Are you egotistical at all?
Do you know the story of Narcassis, from Greek Mythology?
Do you ever feel you're more superior than your peers?
What size is your beddd?
Your biggest pet peeve would have to be?
How are your undies feeling?
Do you have more than one toothbrush?
Would you rather floss or use mouthwash? obviously you should do both.
Do you have your ears pierced?
When was the last time you attended a bonfire?
Do you wear contacts? why or why not?
Do you have an attitude issue?
Do you bad mouth other schools?
What would you do if your father was Johnny Depp?
Are you a fan of the Final Destination movies?
would you rather be a glitter queen or a draggg queen?
herpes or syphillis?
what's the nearest object that is brown?
What you listening to?
do you have any irrational fears? like drowning in a ball pit?
Are you perverted?
Have you ever considered dropping out of school?
What would you do if your parents just got up and left for a week?
When you were yong did you read any Judy Moody books?
You feeling the need to yawn?
Do you enjoy drawing?
Whats your favorite pass time?
What's your bestfriend's mother's name?
Have you ever dyed your hair? if so, what color?
Are you in love?
Bob Marley is da bomb, riiiight?
Do you believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for you?
What was your most recent ex's middle name?
Do you ever sit for so long your bottttom goes numb?
Linkin Park is a prettty kick band, wouldn't you concur?
Do you know any diabetics?
Hows about any Jews?
Are you a procrastinator?
Did you enjoy this survey?