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Author: casady
Created: June 7, 2009
Taken: 81 times
Rated: G

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don't believe everything happiness says, nothing feels better than hiding these days

Created by casady and taken 81 times on Bzoink
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honesty is the best policy
do you trust yourself enough to answer these truthfully?
are you confident in your outlook on life?
if you are,how do you see the world?
do you doodle when you get bored?
would you do Ashton Kutcher?
You know he has a twin brother?
are you a fan of pre wrap?
are you planning on moving any time soon?
how often do you clean your computer desk?
are you a neat-freak, perfectionist?
what's your favorite number?
do you liiiike answering questions?
what is the most amazing thing you've ever wittnessed?
have you been baptized?
what is your natural hair color?
who was your first crush?
did you date him/her?
how often do you take surveys?
What's your opinion on..
Barack Obama?
the color purple?
Jon and Kate plus 8?
elevator music?
Sunny D?
nude pictures?
the radio?
scrap booking?
elementary school?
would you rather?
eat a small snake or not eat for a week?
spend a day and a night with your boyfriend or a week with your bestfriend?
forget ALL of your memories, or remember ALL the bad,& remember some good?
wittness a murder or go to prison for two years?
be a T-REX or Tinker Belle?
watch Dumbo or Eagle Eye?
talk for hours with no one listening or say something important quickly?
speak spanish or french?
straighten your hair or curl it?
be under weight or over weight?
be born with all knowledge or learn as you grow older?
ever had chicken pox?
kissed someone in the past twenty-four hours?
what time did you wake up?
when did you go to sleep?
last time you did the dishes by hand?
ever spell your own name incorrectly?
did you enjoy this survey?