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About This Survey

Author: quidbot
Created: June 6, 2009
Taken: 296 times
Rated: G

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Bleach Survey

Created by quidbot and taken 296 times on Bzoink
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Kurosaki Family Member?
Place in Bleach?
Female Character?
Male Character?
IchiRuki or IchiHime?
HitsuKarin or HitsuHina?
Hinamori x Shinji or Hinamori x Urahara?
IchiRuki or RenRuki?
IchiHime or IshiHime?
Do you support Ulquiorra x Orihime?
This or That..
Rukia or Orihime?
Hitsugaya or Ichigo?
Yuzu or Karin?
Ikkaku or Kenpachi?
Tosen or Gin?
Grimmjow or Ulquiorra?
Byakuya or Renji?
Soi Fon or Yuroichi?
Kon or Chappy?
Vizards or Arrancars?
Hinamori or Lisa?
Uryu or Chad?
Hollow Ichigo or Dark Rukia?
Random Stuff..
What was your favorite season of the anime?
Anime or Manga?
What do you think of Karin Kurosaki?
Is Bleach your favorite anime?
If not, what is and why do you like it more?
Where do you usually watch Bleach?
Are you a member of BleachTactics?
Do you think Aizen will ever have a change of heart?
Do you think the Vizard's intentions are good?
Who do you feel most sorry for in the anime?
Do you draw fanart?
Do you have any Bleach collectables [costumes, masks, zanpakuto's, etc..]
Where did you first hear of Bleach?
Are you a member of any Bleach Forums?
Have you watched any of the movies?
Which character do you hate the most?
Who is the cutest?
Do you think Kon is cute?
Do you own any video games of Bleach?
Do your friends think you're Bleach-obsessed?
Have you ever even read the manga?
Have you heard of 'Turn Back the Pendulum'?