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Author: tbst9hi
Created: June 5, 2009
Taken: 273 times
Rated: G

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Twilight Saga Survey

Created by tbst9hi and taken 273 times on Bzoink
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View Current Survey Results

From the Twilight Sagqa which is your favorite book?
Who would you rather have as a potential mate?
Of these 5 who is your favorite wolves?
Who is your favorite vamp?
Would you rather have had Bella fall in love with Edward or Jacob?
Did you get pissed when Rosalie cared more bout the baby in Breaking Dawn?
Which vampire power would you rather have?
Were or are you expecting Bella to have a special ability?
Did you see Twilight (movie) ?
Will you watch New Moon?
Did you read the book before the movie or vise versa?
Are you happy that Taylor Lautner kept his Jacob role?
If you payed attention, how did Jacobs MOther die?
Why do you think Carlise changed Edward?
Will you see all the Twilight Saga movies ?