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Author: emmrz-x3
Created: May 26, 2009
Taken: 89 times
Rated: G

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Very random; Very Original; Very... Me!

Created by emmrz-x3 and taken 89 times on Bzoink
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Just dance, it'll be okay, da da do do do.
Hey there.
What is today's date?
Really? Interesting. What did you do today?
Fun. What were you doing at 7am?
Were you even awake? I was, unfortunately.
Did you go to school?
Did you eat lunch?
Dora or Diego?
Did you know they're making a grown up version of Dora?
Would you ever go clubbing?
Do you recycle?
Are you really that concerned about the planet? Don't lie to me.
Don't you think the books used in English classes are SO boring?
Do you enjoy Shakespeare?
Spin that record babe.
QUICK: Pizza topping- Mushrooms or tuna?
Do you own a chinchilla?
What would you name a turtle?
Does your family own exotic rugs or tapestries?
Wanna go to Australia?
Can you draw?
Do you like art?
In elementary school, did you mix all your food together at lunch?
Did you dare people to eat it after?
What color is your bathroom?
What are you thinking about RIGHT NOW?
So who's that person?
Ah. Can you define the word: serendipitous?
Name of your 5th period teacher in the 7th grade?
Do you even remember?
What's your favorite youtube video?
Do you have the link to it?
Do you enjoy crabs?
I like seafood. Do you?
OMG, aren't those biscuits at Red Lobster AMAZING?
Borders or Barnes&Nobles?
Do you read Twilight?
Tell me you don't.
Tell me you're not an obsessed fangirl.
Are you a girl?
Enjoy country music?
Does your dentist have bad tan lines? Mine does.
Just dance, dance, dance, just jus-jus-just dance.