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Author: cheerleader2013
Created: May 25, 2009
Taken: 112 times
Rated: PG

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happiness is key!

Created by cheerleader2013 and taken 112 times on Bzoink
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Hi! Your name is?
Oh, and your how old?
Cool. Do you have a myspace?
How about FaceBook?
Does it annoy you when people spell simple words inncorrect?
Have you ever been in love?
Are you sure?
Do you type fast?
What's your favorite kind of smiley face?
I like the (:
But just whatever..
How many surveys have you taken today?
So is it true; behind every smile, there's a secret?
I think so..
Do you have migrains?
Do you need a new phone?
Should you be in bed?
Or cleaning?
When you write "c" and "l" beisde each other does it ever look like a "d"?
Did you mess something up with the one you really like?
Isn't summer oh'nine gonna be a BlAST?
Oh wait... Are you a girl?
Or a boy?
Do you pop your knuckles?
Or are you the type that finds that completely disgusting?
What's a pet peeve?
What room are you in?
Are you warm or cold natured?
Does anybody know your deepest darkest secret?
Do you find it hard to trust people?
Are you as hungry as I am?
Did you have an imginary friend when you were little?
Favorite childhood memory?
Were you a 90's kid?
Cause they're the best!
Did you ever watch Rugrats? (the babies)
What about Hey Arnold?
How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
Are you a cheerleader?
Play basketball?
Are you cool enough to play tennis?
It's definately the best!
Do you have a Wii?
What's your favorite game?
Are you REAllY hyper?
Does it annoy you when people type LiKe ThIs?
0R THiS?
Do you type everything out or shorthand it?
Are you watching The Little Mirmaid?
Do you like tacos?
Can you choose between Taco Bell and Burger King?
Are you happy with life?
Where do you go to church?
Do you read your Bible every night like you should?
Do you have a bracelet with hearts on it?
Do you like pep rallies?
Have you ever dated somebody in your grade?
Do you type the professional way?
Or just a way you learned?
Did you just yawn?
Look to the right...
Did you?
Do you have a pet named Felix?
What about Stanley?
Do you like a guy named Dillon?
Have you ever kissed someone who's named startes with a "N"?
Do you wear contacts?
Do you like you glasses though?
Do you update your status a lot?
Does it annoy you how the word "a lot" is spelled?
Is your English the bomb like tick tick?
Have you noticed how EVERY actor(ess) on DC comes out with a song?
It's kinda annoying huh?
Can you stand to go without brushing your teeth?
Are you getting bored?
Or am I keeping you pretty entertained?
Did you start this survey because of the title?
Or just because you found it?
Lilo and Stitch is....
How many days can you go without washing your hair?
Ughh! Is your stomach growling?
Omgee! Is it like four am?
Or what time is it where your at?
Do you take care of your face?
Swimming is the best! Right?
Did you learn to spell together by putting "to" "get" "her" together?
I did!
And I still have to do that..
Yeah you must be pretty bored to be doing this survey.
Baby Wipes are pretty kick butt! Aren't they?
And doesn't baby oil smell SOO good?
Do you like babies?
Do you have a lot of patience?
Have you ever had pneumonia?
Yeah! I just spelled pneumonia, correctly!
Pretty impressed, huh?
Whats your favorite number?
And why is that?
100! So how's life?
AhChoo! Do you ever randomly fake sneeze?
When your home alone do you turn up music and dance around the house?
Sonny with a Chance is a dumb show, right?
Isn't it crazy how you remember some of the strangest things?
Well I'm done. Peace ily!