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Author: softballchick07
Created: May 23, 2009
Taken: 61 times
Rated: G

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You wish you were as random as me :P

Created by softballchick07 and taken 61 times on Bzoink
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I've got that boom-boom-POW!
Does your grandma wear too much perfume?
What's the best senior prank ever?
Do you mess with the telemarketers?
Do you own a SHAM WOW!?
Do you like songs more for the lyrics or the way it sounds?
Is Obama making our economy better?
When your old, will you get botox?
Is the love really true on those reality dating shows?
Can a person be big-boned but be in good shape?
Are cops good or do they abuse their power?
What's your favorite brand of car?
Have you seen the Super Size video?
Has a janitor ever checked you out?
Is love really blind?
What's your favorite language?
Has anyone asked you if you lived in a cave?
Ever question if your brother was gay?
What is true beauty to you?
You know you're a red neck if...
Ever asked cha cha a question?
Ever mixed your blood with anyone elses?
Do you parkour?
What sport requires the most athletisism?
It's friday night, where you at?
What guys/girls do you usually go for?
How much can you bench?
Aren't nice old people just the cutest thing?
Which friend is the craziest?
Are you ashamed you actually like Miley Cyrus?
What color was your bike?
George Lopez sure is conceited. WATCH OUT! :P
Are you smart?
Futons are really uncomfortable. You agree?
Who is the best guitar player ever?
What's the most painful thing to get peirced?
Is your dog lazy?
Are you proud to be an american?
Baseball fans: Cubs or Cardinals?
Remember how in middle school everyone was obsessed with hollister? LOL
Why do truck drivers always have beer bellies and beards?
Ever believe that you were just so unique, that you didn't fit in?
Do you set your clock a few minutes early so your on time to stuff?
OMG, here comes your creeper! His/her name is...
Don't you love when flower petals are in the air in the spring?
Do ur relatives always ask you the same routine questions at family events?
Ever run for a good cause?
Aren't those beer comercials just so convincing!?
Where do you work?
Are you a kid at heart?
Do you hate when people tell you what to do?
Isn't Joey on friends just irresistable? :))
Where exactly does the dirt come from under people's fingernails?
Is music the key to your soul?
When you get your money back, do you make sure you got the right amount?
vous etes tres tres jolis. non! >:)
Wasn't old-school nintendo just the best?
Is there a difference between the brown and white eggs?
Can you imitate an animal well?
Does your mother baby you still?
People need to learn to just have fun, and avoid stupid drama, am I right?
Are jesus and god the same person?
Have you ever appreciated the fact that you're alive and well?
Magazine Rack, which one do you grab?
What's you're soft spot?
How much does the house you're living in cost?
Go poke the nearnest person in the arm. Tell me their reaction.
If you owned a grocery store, what would be your slogan?
Do you belive all races are really treated equally?
Why do people have hair?
What was the happiest moment of your life?
Who lights up a room when they walk in?
Do you have an over-active bladder?